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The STAT Clinix™ Difference

Providing personalized, convenient care to Arizona since 1996, we offer the best Urgent Care services available.

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STAT Pass™: Online Scheduling

Schedule your Urgent Care visit online and save yourself from an inconvenient wait when you arrive.

STAT iVisit: Digital Medicine

Using a secure internet voice and video connection, STATClinix Medical Staff can provide treatment for a wide array of conditions right in the comfort of your home!

STAT Meds™: Pharmacy Center

Why travel to two different locations to see a doctor and fulfill prescriptions. We have pharmacies available at any of our four locations.

STAT Feedback™: Patient Satisfaction

We are dedicated to Patient Centered Urgent Care. Each visit is followed with a satisfaction survey to check-up on how well we deliver on our promises.

What patients say about STAT Clinix™

  • The staff displayed much warmth and genuine acts of kindness in their care for me. I will definitely use this as my primary med facility while I am at my vacation in Pine AZ. I was EXTREMELY pleased with the service 🙂

  • I felt very well cared for and in proficient hands. I’ve been using your facility for many years now. I have a primary care doctor, but sometimes I’m too ill to travel the distance to Scottsdale and the time they offer, is not always appropriate for my need. Thanks for being there for me. I’ve never been dissatisfied!

  • My STATClinix experience could not have been better! I went to another clinic first, only to be told there was a 2.5 hour wait. I arrived at the STATClinix in Mesa frustrated and in pain. Your staff got me in shortly after I completed the required paperwork…unheard of in my experiences with urgent care clinics! It took no time for me to get examined, x-rays performed, and bandaged up! Your staff and clinic is exceptional. Hopefully I won’t need your services again, but if I do, I’ll definitely choose STATClinix. I’m even telling my friends about my experience! Thank you!!