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Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services

At STATClinix Urgent Care, we realize how important both time and money are to you and your employees. That is why STATClinix is the preferred choice of many local businesses for work-related injury and illness. Our convenient locations are open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas day and have extended evening and weekend hours to service your needs.

STATClinix provides coordinated Worker’s Comp injury services available at all of our locations. Our team provides appropriate, cost-effective care with a focus on return-to-work strategies for injured employees. STATClinix also provides pre-employment services at our convenient locations throughout Arizona.

Worker’s Comp Injury Care

  • STATClinix Worker’s Comp program is focused on achieving positive treatment outcomes, decreasing costs and reducing lost work time. We follow aggressive return-to-work protocols, focusing on full or modified duty to reduce lost time.
  • Partnering with STATClinix for employee injuries will help you avoid having employees use the ER for non-life threatening conditions.
  • We believe not just in thorough communication, but in fast communication. That’s why we deliver detailed visit notes to the employer on the same day of treatment, which allows adjusters to schedule referral appointments within 24 hours of an injury being reported.

Employment Services

  • We offer a comprehensive suite of pre-employment and ongoing employment services that are very cost competitive and convenient for employees including:
    • Federal Drug Testing
    • Non-Federal Drug Testing
    • DOT Physicals
    • New Hire Physicals
    • TB Testing
    • Titers (Varicella, Hepatitis B, MMR)
    • X-Ray Services
    • Snellen Vision Test